What’s for dinner? Video game characters…made from meat

This find gives a whole new meaning to the expression “don’t play with your food, ” and frankly, if it looks like this, who could blame you? Keep the meat away from the console though!

Thank you to JonMichael Bukosky for posting this link on Twitter. It made my morning. In the best, weirdest way possible.

Sonic the Hedgehog, who else?

Sonic The Hedgehog, who else?


Dudes, Marvel, and the Feminist Perspective

PerplexedObserver (Tumblr)

PerplexedObserver (Tumblr)

Saw this on Tumblr (ThePerplexedObserver) and since I’ve got a review that still needs editing, you get this instead.

I showed it to the GamerDude (he’s informed me that he doesn’t like to be referred to as “GamerBoy” on this blog — or any other blog, for that matter). According to GamerDude, this image “doesn’t make sense”.

Exactly, my boy  dude, exactly.