Me and my son at  2 yrs

Me & my son: 2 yrs

I’m not a gamer, my son is, despite everything I taught him in those crucial early years. Our first five years together were spent in libraries, at folk festivals, and live storytelling gatherings. We worked at our neighborhood organic food co-op and made food from scratch. I still remember his reaction on seeing his first video game. We were at the local video store and there was a teenager playing with an Xbox at a kiosk. My son was visibly stricken by something in that game — something turned over inside and from that day on he was fascinated with video games in their various platforms and genres.

I was a reluctant supporter of gaming, but I was obliged to learn all I could about it. I’m a firm believer in teaching my son how to navigate his way through the internet and media-rich world we live in. So when it was clear to me that his fascination with video games was only growing in their absence, I agreed to allow them into our lives.

This blog is for anyone who’s interested in a mom’s opinion of the most in demand games. I’ve spent seven years looking for this kind of resource and there are a few blogs that do a decent job of providing the kind of content you’ll see here. It’s my hope that you’ll stay and share your views, leave informed, and that you’ll come back for more.


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  1. What an excellent blog and valuable parenting resource. I think you have definitely taken the best attitude – instead of trying to change or outright forbid what your son is interested in, you have become involved and knowledgeable. My daughters aren’t very interested in a lot of those games (such as Call of Duty) that boys are interested in, but as a parent, I believe it is my duty to be informed and knowledgeable of the world my children are living and growing in.

    I can’t wait to dig through your past posts and read what you write in the future. I’m going to share your blog on The Double Parent’s facebook page – I now there are many parents who would love to read your posts.

  2. Hi Kirstin,

    They will definitely interest me – the girls already have Minecraft on their iPods, and they’ve tried to explain it to me, but I have to admit that I don’t understand it too well. What I have managed to grasp is minimal – something about two modes: survival or creative. I actually feel queasy looking at some of their games – especially ones like Subway Surfer and Temple Run. (It’s a sign of old age creeping up on me, for sure.)

  3. I’m pretty sure my son would want me to be just like you! Informed, I mean. He is a hardcore gamer. At this point, I’m relieved that he’s much more into Minecraft than GTA. Love what you said about teaching your son “how to navigate his way through the Internet and the media-rich world we live in.” That’s a sound start. Your blog is inspiring!

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