Uniting the generations through Call of Duty

Gamer Boy has been after me for ages to let him buy & play Call of Duty franchise games. Specifically, he wants to play COD: Black Ops. So I’ve been info gathering and reviewing the game for him (& you!). In my searches I found this wonderful video, posted just two months ago on YouTube by a teen — it’s an edited video of him playing COD: Black Ops with his 84-year-old grandfather. They’re both having so much fun together. And I know the point of the video is to view the older man’s reactions to playing, but I loved the interplay between the two. If you haven’t seen it — watch here:


The boys (brothers) who made the video of their grandfather playing video games with them seem very sweet and well-mannered to boot. I found this thank you video from one of the boys — posted after their video went viral. To his mother and father; nice work! (I’ll bet he sends thank you cards too!)


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