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Cautious optimism. Currently inhaling news & info about Playstation 4. One thing I’ll say is the games look spectacular in this video (click!).

Edit: Just read JC Fletcher’s Joystiq report about Playstation 4’s backward compatibility — me likey! 

PlayStation 4 will stream PS1, PS2, PS3 games



Tech News Condensed

Hey folks,

Here are the highlights from Sony’s PlayStation event tonight. Probably will have more tomorrow in all the post-announcement buzz.


PlayStation 4:
– PC-like architecture. x86 CPU with an “enhanced PC GPU” for graphics
– 8 GB of RAM
– New Dual Shock 4 controller – more rounded with rubberized grip and “enhanced rumble capabilities”
– Controller has a touchpad on top in the middle, a share button, and a headphone jack.
– Controller also has a stereo camera that can track the 3D position of the controller through a light bar used to identify players.
– Users can download or update games in the background and digital titles are playable even as you download.
– Ability to live-stream your gameplay and friends can even help out by taking over the controller.
– Social network will use real photos of people, real names and mobile apps that…

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